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New Concept
Proven technologies and a dedicated workforce are value-added solutions to optimize the drilling fluid operations.

Downhole Fluid Specialists LLC is subsidiary of NFSI, and both companies specialize in LOST CIRCULATION MATERIAL (LCM). Many of these lost circulation products are unique patented technologies which have been used successfully around the globe. DFS also offers a full line of oil-base and water-base chemicals to help enhance the drilling fluid industry. DFS operates a state of the art research and development laboratory in Houston, Texas.

Many of Downhole Fluid Specialists LLC products are either patented or patent pending setting them apart from their competitors. DFS has a group of well trained scientist to direct the R & D department.

Our core products include:

Lost Circulation Material Expert

Our Lost Circulation Material has been utilized successfully in many wells around the globe
with tremendous results.

Lost Circulation



DFS Specializes In
  • Lost Circulation Materials (LCM)
  • Lubricants


  • Water base Shale inhibitors
  • Oil wetting agents

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